If you don't see something here that answers your question, feel free to contact us at sales@lipstick.ie 

How do i view a size chart for a product..
Here is a link that will explain how our size charts work! Click here.

How can i contact you..
Our team are available by email at sales@lipstick.ie or alternativley if you wish to chat to us, visit our Facebook Page

A discount code I am trying to use is not working...
Consider the following if s code continues not to work:

  • The code may of been for a limited time and is now expired.
  • The code may be for select customer groups, such as subscribers only, you may need to be logged in or using the email at checkout you subscribed with.
  • The code is case-sensitive including white spaces - e.g. "CODE20" is not the same as "code 20"
  • The code is not connected to that specific product i.e. some products may be excluded from the use of the code such as items already on sale.

View our quick video online on how to use a coupon code on www.lipstick.ie here

I am trying to use two different discount codes but its not working...
Unfortunately, only one discount code can be applied at checkout at one time.

However, most of our promotions include offers such as 2 for €50 or 2 for €60 using a discount code, you could place a second order availing of both seperate discount codes where you can avail of the free shipping offer over €50 (which is a free automatic discount) on both orders - by doing so you would be placing an order twice.

Alternatively you could contact us on Facebook or by Phone to place the order that way if you prefer to do it all in one transaction. 

My payment won't go through!
If you are having trouble making a payment online, contact us at sales@lipstick.ie and we will try to resolve the issue for you.

Note that with the introduction of SCA (Secure Customer Authentication), you may need to confirm the use of your card using your banking "app" supplied by your bank, to confirm a purchase with our store if its a first time payment online.

Unfortunately we cannot assist with this area of payment issues and it would be best to contact your bank. 

I have not received a confirmation email of my order…
Consider the following:

  • Check your spam / junk mail within your inbox
  • Your email was incorrectly inputted at checkout – contact sales@lipstick.ie to confirm the order was successful and we can adjust the order information and re-send you your confirmation email.
  • Your order may of failed - contact sales@lipstick.ie to confirm the order status. 

My order had failed when attempting to checkout…
Orders failing at checkout can be for numerous reasons, consider the below in why the order may of failed.

  • Order had not completed processing and the browser’s window was closed before completion – this will fail the order. Allow time for the website to respond to the payment.
  • Order processing timed out – a loss of connection to the internet or similar may of cancelled the order processing.
  • Customer did not enter SCA (Secure Customer Authentication) required by customer bank account, ensure you have entered the information correctly as prompted by your banking app – if you continue to have issues with SCA, contact your bank for further assistance.

I placed an order & money is processing in my account, but I received no order confirmation…
In some cases, an order may not complete due to inaccurate information, SCA incompletions or connectivity isssues but pre-authorisation of the sale in your account may appear. The pre-authorised amount is set aside for sales, where the sale has failed, the sale amount will revert back to your account within 24 – 48 hrs as post-authorisation has failed. Contact sales@lipstick.ie to resolve this issue further or for more information.

Why have I been refunded?

We update our website with new stock weekly, where some of our items become very popular once posted to the website, as such they can sell out very fast, we may no longer have stock online of the item in your chosen colour or size. We will get in touch should this occur on your order where we will process a refund to the card it was purchased on for the items we cannot fufill. 

Where Can I View Your Refund and Returns Policies?
You can view the Refund and Returns Policies Here

Where Can I View Your Terms of Service?
You can view the Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions Here

Where Can I View Your Shipping Policies?
You can view our shipping policies Here

Where Can I View Your Privacy Policies?
You can view our privacy policies Here

Who Ships My Order And How To Track It? 
Fastway Couriers is our chosen delivery partner, You can Track and Trace your order by viewing your "View my Order" within the confirmation email or here at Fastway Couriers Track and Trace. Click here to view Track & Trace

I received the wrong item or an item is missing!
If you have received an incorrect item, please contact sales@lipstick.ie quoting your order reference number and details of the missing or incorrect items, we would also appreciate any images so we can better understand any mistake made. 

The item I received is faulty.
If an item is faulty, it may be eligible for a refund. Contact sales@lipstick.ie to begin the process of resolving an issue with a faulty item. We apologise for the inconvenience of manufacturer errors and we know it can be disappointing. Get in contact with us as soon as possible so we can rectify the problem with a replacement or refund.

I have an issue with the website.
If you are having any issue while using the website, feel free to contact the website administrator at web@lipstick.ie. 

I have some feedback I wish to give.
We are always delighted to receive feedback about how we are doing and what we can improve on. You can contact us via the contact page here! :) 

I have a different question that isn't listed.
We will be delighted to answer any questions you might have about shopping with us instore or online, you can contact us here on the contact page here! :)