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Online Gift Card

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Lipstick Online Gift Card

Give the gift of Lipstick Clothing with an Online Gift Card.

Purchase an Online Gift Card and receive it by email. You can print out the gift card or email to a special someone as a special gift on a special date! 

Gift card redeemable at checkout, enter your Gift Card code at checkout. 

Terms & Conditions:

The gift card is only available to use on our online store, it cannot be redeemed within our retail stores. (Separate gift card available for this purpose within our retail stores)

There is no expiry on the gift card, so long as we offer our online services, the gift card is available to use on our online store.

How Does It Work?

1. Select the denomination value of the gift card you would like to purchase.

2. Process your order as normal!

3. You will receive your gift card by email.

4. You can print your gift card to pack it as a gift or forward your email to a special someone! (Or keep it all to yourself for a later date! :) )

5. Take note of the gift card code, this is important!

6. When shopping online at - enter this code at checkout to deduct the amount from your order.

7. You can check your balance by viewing your gift card within the email we sent you.

If you have any questions about your gift card, lost your email with the gift card information, contact us with your name and email address and we can assist you.

Do you offer in-store gift cards?

The online gift card does not work in stores. If you decide to purchase an online gift card, this can only be used on our online store at

However, we do offer in-store gift cards!

Drop in to any of our Lipstick Stores to purchase an in-store gift card.

View our store locations here:

Our Stores

I've lost my Gift Card Email!

Not to worry! if you have lost your gift card email and cannot find your gift card code - our team can help you find this.

Send us an email to with where possible, your order number, the name and email of the person who purchased the gift card.

We can resend the gift card to the customer who purchased the gift card.

We can also assist in checking the balance of your gift card.